Why Talon?

Because Talon is the most effective and safest material we’ve found after 30 years of dental appliance manufacturing. Talon is the perfect material for comfortable and reliable nightguards. Talon remains resilient at body temperature providing comfort to patients, without being too soft. It is BPA free, non-toxic and free of harsh chemicals such as hardeners. It will not harden over time or warp under normal care. And even better, its non-toxicity leaves a lighter footprint, making it a greener choice in dental appliances.

What is BPA and why is it harmful?

Bisphenol A, or BPA, is a synthetic compound, a monomer of polycarbonate used in plastic manufacturing. It is an endocrine-mimicking chemical linked to a long, long list of health concerns, from cancer to thyroid trouble, even when present in vanishingly small amounts. It’s banned from use in baby bottles in the European Union and Canada. Here in the U.S., consumers have forced it out of infant formula packaging, and some food companies have removed it from their containers. It’s not something you want leaking into your body all night long.